Sleep Vibe Blanket                              

Vibes for Better Sleep

A smart weighted blanket to help insomniacs fall asleep faster
Gently pulsing vibrations move up and down the body to provide comfort, relaxation and a blissful “zoned out” feeling. Based on body-scanning relaxation methods, SmartVibes melts away the everyday worries that keep us awake at night. Recommended by over 85% of participants in a 2019 pilot study.

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Feel The Vibe                                       

Vibroacoustic Sound Healing 2.0

Vibroacoustic Sound Healing 2.0
This installation at Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2019 provided participants with an app interface for controlling vibration frequencies. This provided novel empirical data about human vibroacoustic preferences.

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Neurally Attuned Meditation

Helping people clear their mind for higher quality meditation experiences
RESET, or Rumination Extinction Sensory Entrainment Technology, is an experimental closed-loop neuromodulation system for disrupting mental rumination loops associated with insomnia, depression and burnout. RESET combines multi-sensory neural entrainment with EEG, playing flickering lights at frequencies proportional to the individual peak alpha frequency. Future work will evaluate the effects of this neuromodulation on metrics of meditation quality.

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Imagining Future Alzheimer's Treatment

Optimizing the aesthetic experience of brainwave entrainment therapy
Dozens of scientific groups around the world are investigating 40hz brainwave entrainment as a non-drug therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. Asteria (Alzheimer's Stimulation Therapy and Experimental Research on Interactive Aesthetics), describes a precision-controlled neuromodulation research platform for generating visual flicker and auditory oscillations. This platform can help explore UX needs among elderly users and optimize the aesthetic experience of brainwave entrainment. 

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Synchrony Sanctuary                         

Designing for Compassion

Can promoting interpersonal synchrony help enhance relationships?
To enhance interpersonal sympathy and compassion between couples, a two person pod was constructed to provide intimate visual feedback about the synchronization of heart and breath sponsors during a guided meditation session.

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