Feel The Vibe
Vibroacoustic Sound Healing 2.0

Exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2019, Feel The Vibe is both an installation piece and an aesthetic data collection system.

Feel The Vibe explores vibro-tactile and acoustic stimuli as drivers of an aesthetic experience, encouraging participants to explore sensory parameters via a TouchOSC app. Sliders and buttons corresponding to different vibration frequencies can be controlled by the participant, who thus optimises their experience and provides valuable insight into what we find aesthetically enjoyable (and conversely, unpleasant).
Feel The Vibe began during the Interactive Technology Design course at TU Delft's IDE Faculty. It was re-designed and constructed by Vibe Research Labs, making it a a valuable source of empirical aesthetic data - the results of which are currently being analysed by our team, with an aim for publication in 2020.

Derek Lomas, Willem van der Maden, Caiseal Beardow, Daniël Hesselman, Ariëla van Elteren, Janita Siriseth, Thomas Imhoff, Leonie Remmerswaal, Tomasz Jaskiewicz

Design United, Dutch Design Week

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