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Sleep Vibe Blanket
Vibes for Better Sleep

An ongoing project exploring the potential of haptic vibrations as an aid for sleep.

The soothing properties of rhythmic vibrations are combined with an existing product - a weighted blanket - to create a new product model for consumer sleep therapies. At present, four vibration modes have been prototyped. Modes 1 and 2 use the principle of apparent haptic motion, in which strategically placed vibration motors produce 'waves' across a user's body. The other 2 modes produce pulsing and heartbeat effects respectively. The intensity and speed of each mode can be controlled via a TouchOSC app on any compatible smart phone or tablet. Currently, the blanket prototype also includes LED-embedded fabric, with an aim to synchronise LED activity and user-controlled vibration parameters in future iterations.

At present, the blanket is in its first stages of prototyping, with an aim to increase its fidelity to a marketable level.

Derek Lomas, Willem van der Maden, Caiseal Beardow, Daniel Shor, Linda Plaude, Martin Havranek

Sleep Vibe Blanket is conceptually based on a student project (entitled Good Vibes), completed as part of the MSc Design for Interaction programme at TU Delft. The student project team comprises Tess van den Berg, Yuxin Chu, Kiki Deurvorst & Zoe Luck.

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