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Synchrony Sanctuary
Designing for Compassion

The Synchrony Sanctuary offers a sheltered space for two people to escape their daily turmoil and take a few minutes to synchronise and connect with each other. In a hyperconnected world, true connections matter more than ever. This exhibition piece makes a point of creating a sacred moment of mindful interpersonal connection. Through an interactive mindfulness exercise, visitors to the Sanctuary are encouraged to be present in the moment, look and listen, make eye contact, and connect.

Visitors each wear breathing and heart rate sensors throughout the experience. Live data from these sensors is communicated to their partner through pulsing lights and sound, promoting focused breathing and synchronisation between the partners. As synchrony increases, the audio becomes more powerful, with layers of tranquil melodies creating a meditative soundscape.

This project was created as part of the Interactive Technology Design course at TU Delft's IDE faculty in 2019.

Antonia Fedlmeier, Winnie Chen, Marieke Wijngaard, Bibin Thomas
Derek Lomas

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